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The backdrop of Sydney Harbour Bridge is a brilliant setting for this symposium on bridging the gaps in cardiovascular care and prevention.

The ISH has a global commitment to improving blood pressure control and reducing associated cardiovascular outcomes. The first Bridging the Gaps Symposium took place at Vancouver in 2010, addressing these issues as they affect low income countries. The second symposium shifts the focus to all countries addressing the increasing burden of non-communicable disease, of which high blood pressure and its complications are a major part. Evidence-based medicine can now improve the health and longevity of patients, but only improves population health if provided for everyone at risk. Gaps in coverage, gaps in quality, gaps in continuity and gaps in coordination all thwart this important social objective. The symposium has been planned to provide an international perspective on Bridging the Gaps in feasible, affordable and sustainable ways.

The symposium boasts a stellar cast of speakers from around the world. The afternoon session will be hosted by Dr Norman Swan and closed by Dr Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet.

Audience participation is open to all interested and there will be no registration fee.

Professor Stephen Harrap, ISH President, Melbourne, Sydney

• Professor Graham Watt, Glasgow UK
• Professor Dorairaj Prabhakaran, New Dehli, India
• Professor Margarita Diaz, Montivideo, Uruguay
• Professor Karen Sliwa, Johannesburg, South Africa
• Professor Jane Gunn, Melbourne Australia
• Professor Mark Harris, Sydney, Australia
• Professor Alex Brown, Alice Springs, Australia
• Professor Jan DeMaeseneer, Ghent, Belgium
• Dr Kavita Patel, Washington, USA
• Dr Sunil Abraham, Vellore, India
• Professor Justin Beilby, Adelaide, Australia
• Mr Terry Findlay, Canberra, Australia

• Dr Norman Swan, broadcaster

• Dr Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet



Norman Swan

Dr Norman Swan, is a multi-award winning broadcaster and journalist. One of the first medically
qualified journalists in Australia.

Dr Swan was named Australian Radio Producer of the Year in 1984 and was awarded a Gold Citation in the United Nations Media Peace Prizes for his radio work. He has won three Walkley National Awards for Australian journalism, including the prestigious Gold, and Australia's top prize for Science Journalism, the Michael Daly Award, twice.

In 2004 he was awarded the Medal of the Australian Academy of Science, an honour that had only
been given three times and the Royal College of Physicians of Glasgow made him a Fellow. In 2006 he was given a Doctorate of Medicine Hon Causa by the University of Sydney during its medical school’s 150th anniversary.

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